Every day, French cuisine lovers rush to this lovely and welcoming spot located in the heart of Paris' 7th arrondissement, in the famous Surcouf Street. They come here, only a few steps away from the Invalides and the Eiffel Tower, to enjoy authentic, generous and traditional meals. 




Au Petit Tonneau is an authentic Parisian bistro that has existed for more than 80 years, offering a friendly atmosphere, accentuated by vichy tablecloths and ancient tiles embellished with fleur-de-lis, where one word prevails: "enjoy" !



It is also in this restaurant where Comissaire Maigret, under the pen name of Georges Simenon, habitually took a few puffs from his pipe as he was seated at his “table of the commisaire” to relish in his favorite dish: a veal stew, which to this day is still highly anticipated by customers.


Au Petit Tonneau is a member of:
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